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Great prices and selection . Found golf cart batteries at lowest price in town.

Ashley Enfinger

Great place for price and service . Thanks GUYZ.

David Burns

Highest paid for junk batteries in the area.

Victor Brown

Great place, good and quick customer service.

Brandon tyler

They have been great to me!! Very knowledgeable/helpful staff and the owner is very personable... I recommend everyone to check them out for their battery needs... Thanks again!!!

Robert G Tatum

Boat batteries car batteries this is the only place I go. They always test them for me and I've never had to return a one

Philip Marona

Best battery place

Brittany Peterson

Great price can't beat it!

Ashley Patterson

Friendly staff and very helpful! Less than half the price of Wal-Mart!

Deborah Cason

Hurry Up!

Reconditioned Battery Guyz Batteries
vs New National Chain Batteries


How Battery Guyz
Saves Consumers Up to 50%

One-of-a-Kind Battery Reconditioning

Armed with proprietary battery recycling technology, our experts recondition national chain batteries. By using existing parts, we save on manufacturing costs without sacrificing quality. We then pass those savings on to you.

Battery Trade-Ins

Trade in your old or dead battery for cash credit toward a premium reconditioned battery at any Battery Guyz location. Earn up to $15 for your trade-in, making that new reconditioned battery even cheaper.

Doing Our Part to
Protect the Environment

Our 100% Green Recycling Method reduces landfills, lowers energy consumption, and minimizes pollution.

Pounds of Batteries We’ve Safely Recycled:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Here’s how many pounds of batteries we’ve recycled to date:

Nationwide Delivery

We cater to you. We offer nationwide delivery, on-site battery installation, and we’ll even deliver & install your battery at your home or place of business!

Free Battery Testing

Visit any Battery Guyz location for a free battery test. An experienced technician will conduct the test right in front of you and explain the results so you can have peace of mind!