Battery Guyz Inc, began in 2016 after a previous battery business partnership ended. AL Reed CEO & Founder of Battery Guyz began his recycling career at age 10. His late grandmother introduced him to recycling aluminum cans during one summer as little boy to earn extra cash. He quickly saw the opportunity and turned a summer hobby into a small summer business.

Fast forward later in life Al Reed become a recycling entrepreneur a true mogul in the making. His first successful and still active business is recycled cardboard boxes. He has distribution warehouses located in Tampa & Atlanta that sell truck loads of recycled boxes  to a large national retail chain ACE Hardware as a vendor.

Today, he created Battery Guyz Inc. his second recycling company. Al Reed had one thought in mind when he vision his battery business; provide clean, uniformed, professionalism people for battery recycling and reconditioned service.  With this process provide the very best reconditioned battery brand on the market place as a high quality product at an affordable price.

Now, Battery Guyz Inc. has pioneered the way to be the first national brand known for reconditioning services and selling high quality reconditioned batteries at an affordable price.

AL Reed purpose is to carry out God’s vision to keep the earth clean by providing recycling services in both industries. Look for Battery Guyz to become a nationwide household name in the near future. We know his grandmother is looking down at him with a big smile seeing what her grandson has done with the recycling business she introduced to him during one summer.