Recycle your old batteries

When you recycle your old batteries with Battery Guyz its 100% recycle twice. We recycle old lead acid batteries back into the community as a newly reconditioned battery using our patent technology and battery acid formula.

Our communities can save up to 50% off on a reconditioned battery. The batteries we can’t recondition are properly disposed to meet environmental and state transportation regulations when recycling old lead-acid batteries. We ship batteries domestically to U.S. secondary lead smelters which are recycled to make new batteries. New batteries! “YES” is made from old junk batteries 100% recycle materials. We do not ship internationally like other battery companies to make a high profit.

Lead batteries ship to Mexico, India and overseas have very little government regulations. Meaning workers in the smelter plants overseas are working in poor working conditions contaminated with lead and the locals that live near by the smelter plants are exposed to contaminations in the water supply.

We have a Gold Standard at Battery Guyz people health first and business second.

When it comes to recycling your batteries are truly recycled with Battery Guyz twice. However, unlike other battery companies they only recycle once. They purchase from point A then resold to point B (aka smelter refinery internationally or domestic for a profit.

Battery Guyz is committed to the environment and people health in local our communities.

Lead acid batteries: auto, marine, diesel, golf cart, ups backup system, lawn mower, wheelchairs, alarm system, deep cycle, motorcycles, ATVs, electric scooters, power wheel toys, and any other battery containing lead.

Industrial Batteries: Steel case, agriculture equipment, fork lift, sweepers, scrubbers, backhoes, excavators, and all heavy duty operated machinery.

Who do we purchase junk lead acid batteries from: Individuals, business, distribution centers and government agency.

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