Hey there, we’re Battery Guyz

Our purpose is to provide an environmentally friendly, cost-effective approach in which people can purchase premium reconditioned batteries online.

While ease of access, quality, and affordability are at the core of what we represent, having an environmentally focused approach on reconditioning batteries is a must.

To mitigate environmental concerns, it is essential to recondition batteries in a
responsible manner. This includes adhering to proper recycling and disposal
practices, utilizing renewable energy sources, implementing safety measures,
and ensuring that any residual waste or byproducts are handled appropriately.  Also, by taking the essential actions to enable a “green” approach to battery reconditioning, we’ve.

Green Energy, Green Savings: Battery GUYZ' Promise

✅ Safeguarded Ocean life and preserved the integrity of our beaches by committing to practicing sustainable business and effectively preventing batteries from entering the ocean.

✅ Incorporated battery reconditioning tactics to ensure a phoenix-like approach to quality. These batteries have risen from the ashes and are reborn anew. Sometimes, we can even recondition them to be more efficient than when they were in their original state!

✅ Achieved nationwide recognition for quality as well as affordability. Through our unique approach to reconditioning batteries, we’re able to offer higher quality with a more affordable price tag.

✅ Applied our battery reconditioning methods to a wide array of batteries. Be it commercial or residential, golf cart or car: anything you can imagine, we’ve got a reconditioning solution for you.

These are just a few of the things we stand firm by at Battery Guyz when implementing a minimal environmental footprint - all without sacrificing an ounce of quality.

So, our “green” approach to reconditioning batteries without sacrificing quality is what we specialize in.

But, we also place an extreme importance on affordability when keeping your hard-earned dollars in mind.

We want to offer premium reconditioned batteries at a price that’s affordable.

Something that’s within most people’s budget allows for more people to usher in a little bit of prosperity into the environment - even if it’s only just a bit more, it all helps.

Afacet of our business that’s impossible to compromise is durability.

Recharge Your Savings

Imagine it’s only 9:00 am and already 80 degrees out on this midsummer morning. You, the wife, and kids have been waiting all year for a little family vacation out
of town. You worked hard for this quality family time and it’s something you guys only get to do once a year.

4 or 5 hours out of town you guys decide to stop for some well needed food at a
quaint little diner.

After scarfing down some tasty food you and your family dash back towards the car, eager to continue the trip towards your vacation destination.

You buckle up, put the key in, and turn it.

Only to hear the dreaded chugging sound a car makes when the battery is dead!

The battery shop promised this used battery to be right on par with a slightly used battery…

Yet, here it is, dead. Not even a few hundred miles later.   

If only we had a nickel for every time, we heard a similar story to this.

Where Savings and Sustainability Spark Together

At Battery Guyz, we ensure the durability and quality of your reconditioned battery with our warranties.

Warranties we offer start at 1 year and have an option to extend up to 2 years.

We are so confident in our work, because we have put in the commitment to excellence. We know how much of an effect a dead battery at the wrong time can cost. Not only from a cost standpoint, but valuable time lost.

A battery can often be overlooked, overpriced, and over promised.

You want to know with 100% absolute certainty that when you’re ready to tackle the next day at work you can…well, actually get to work on time!

We want you to know that when you go to take your kids to school the car will start with ease.

We want you to have that peace of mind knowing your car can safely travel from point A to B and that’s what you’ll get when choosing to work with us at Battery Guyz.

Also, our robust premium battery reconditioning works well for batteries that are on either spectrum of the climate.

Hot or cold, our batteries will be functioning efficiently!

Revive, Reuse, Recycle - Battery GUYZ Does It All!

If you’ve got an old junk battery, please, don’t throw it away.

We’ll actually give you cash for it.

In addition to giving you cash, you’ll be able to save yourself a potential foul
on the environment and on your record.

It’s actually illegal to throw batteries away in the trash. So, let us take your
trash and give you some cash! We’ll recondition these just as we would any
other battery so you’ll be investing in another family's well being, too.

Turning Old into Gold – Battery GUYZ' Battery Alchemy

Overall, at Battery Guyz we’ve been out to solve the problem of efficiently reconditioning batteries of all kinds. Keeping an eco-friendly focus without
compromising on the quality of battery we provide while keeping it affordable
is our mission.

Our practices have a cascading effect that we believe will leave a green footprint on our current environment, as well as on the environment we pass on to our children.

We hope to be a reliable pillar in your transportation needs.

Energizing the World Responsibly

If you’re looking for a way to have a positive impact on the environment without
sacrificing quality at a price you can afford, Battery Guyz would love to be
your go-to choice for batteries!