Golf Cart & Auto Battery Maintenance IN A JUG!- AS SEEN ON TV
Golf Cart & Auto Battery Maintenance IN A JUG!- AS SEEN ON TV
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Golf Cart & Auto Battery Maintenance IN A JUG!- AS SEEN ON TV

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+$20.00 Refundable Core Deposit ?
x The core deposit promotes battery recycling. A refund of this deposit is based on the return of an equivalent sized, depleted battery (or core) to the store.

Price + Refundable Core:

+$35.00 Non-Refundable Hazardous Packaging Fee ?
x We are required by shipping carrier and environmental agency standards to materials that safely ship batteries filled with acid by ground. The hazardous fee is charged to provide the materials and ship, handle and package the reconditioned battery properly.
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Every Battery Guyz order comes with FAST, FREE Shipping anywhere in the United States. Just because shipping is free, doesn't mean it should take a long time. Delivery takes 1-5 business days, depending on how far away the destination is. All batteries are shipped FEDEX ground and therefore, we cannot ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico.


Every Battery Guyz order comes with a FAST, FREE Shipping, plus a FREE 1 YEAR Return Policy and excellent customer service! Exchanges only on warranty no refunds. This is the national standard on all auto battery sales. You have an option to purchase an additional I yr. warranty to extend to 2 years for only $14.99 (you can choose this option during your checkout).

  • Extend Battery Life! Battery Guyz battery maintenance fluid is a trade secret formula used to extend the performance life of new & used lead acid batteries. Recommend 3 qty Gallon Jugs for a set of 6 qty Golf Cart Batteries.
  • Formulated to be used as an additive and maintenance fluid only. The formula can be mixed with new & used battery fluid to reduce sulfation on lead plates.
  • Prevents sulfate from occurring in new batteries and breaks up existing sulfation in older batteries.
  • Increase power efficiency, Neutralize Lead Sulfate, and Longer battery life
  • Formulated for Golf Carts, Auto, Marine, RV, Forklifts, and all other deep cycle batteries. Recommend in-use or low-voltage batteries. (Not Dead)
  • Ready To Use Do Not Add Water
  • Free latex gloves and funnel with purchase 

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Great prices and selection . Found golf cart batteries at lowest price in town.

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