Battery Guyz Golf Cart & All Battery Desulfator to Extend Battery Life 1 Gallon US (3.78 L)

Battery Guyz Golf Cart & All Battery Desulfator to Extend Battery Life 1 Gallon US (3.78 L)

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Battery Guyz - Battery Desulfator 

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To Restore Battery Life For a Better Time 

Why do you need a battery desulfator? 

Battery desfulators are designed to assess the sulfation level of lead acid batteries and restore their lost capacity. Consider it battery maintenance and rejuvenation, as a desulfator will ensure your battery not only recharges with ease but also holds that charge, so you don’t have to keep buying new batteries so often! 

Why You Need Our Battery Desfulator - As seen on TV, contains acid with an in-house trade secret battery formula. 

Why does The Battery Guyz have a better desulfator than the other guys to restore the health of your golf and deep cycle batteries? 

Over time, battery plates see a substantial amount of sulfate buildup. Our desulfation solution works to break down the lead sulfate crystals that cause the buildup to restore and rejuvenate your battery capacity and improve its overall performance. You can think of it as giving the insides of your battery a good scrubbing to extend its lifespan. 

Say goodbye to sluggish startups, challenging maintenance, and a battery that can’t hold its charge, and say hello to: 

The hassle-free solution to extended battery life and performance  

With our battery desulfation solution, no technical expertise is needed on your part. Simply apply the solution to the battery cells and let it work its magic—nothing more, nothing less. 

More Savings 

Our battery desulfation solution is designed to maintain and extend the life of your battery. Extended battery life means less costly replacements, which will undoubtedly save you money in the long run. 

Proven Results You Can Trust 

Our trade secret formula has been tested and proven to consistently provide optimal battery performance and longevity. 

More Bang For Your Buck 

Our battery desulfation solution is sold by the gallon, but you only need 2 ounces per cell for 6-volt batteries or 3 ounces per cell for 8-volt and 12-volt batteries. That’s more than enough to refill your deep cycle batteries with an extra desulfation solution to spare! 

Optimal Preventative Care 

Our proprietary desulfation solution is designed to do a bit more than just penetrate and break up the harmful sulfates and other deposits on your battery plates. It also polishes and protects your battery cells, preventing future sulfate and deposit buildup for long-lasting performance.  

Our battery desulfator can be used year-round and on the same battery up to 10 times to continue restoring and extending its lifespan! 

Safe and Effective For All Lead Acid Batteries 

Our battery desulfation solution is safe and effective on all lead acid batteries for golf carts, motorcycles, cars, boats, snowmobiles, scissor lifts, steel case forklifts, and much more! 

Made in the USA 

The Other Guyz battery desulfator is proudly produced and bottled right here in the USA, ensuring it meets the highest quality standards for your satisfaction. 

Ready to Use and Restore 

Our battery desulfator comes ready to use and rejuvenate your batteries. No distilled water is needed! 

For best-use applications, make sure your battery is still charging and only use it on lead-acid batteries, as the solution contains real battery acid. 

Get free latex gloves and a funnel with your purchase!  

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