GREAT INNOVATION- Battery Guyz developed our very own patent technology with two dimensions: electronically and chemically

Our reconditioned process is broken down to 10 steps.

1. SCREENING-testing battery mechanical’s voltage power.
2. Test- acid levels
3. Dispose of- old dirty battery acid (like changing the oil in a car)
4. Refill- with patent battery acid formula and electrolytes
5. Reconditioned – 30 hr reconditioned time golf cart batteries (patent technology)
6. Re-test- cca power, voltage, acid levels
7. Cool down- clean off battery acid residue and let cool for 24 hrs
8. Re-test- battery load tester
9. Peel off old battery labels and spray paint new coat
10. Re-brand- Battery Guyz label

Stop by or call your nearest Battery Guyz location to get your deep cycle, golf cart, or floor sweeper batteries tested for our reconditioned service.