Diesel Batteries

Save Up to 50% With a Reconditioned Diesel Battery


Why Choose a Battery Guyz Reconditioned Battery

Unrivaled Savings
Thanks to our proprietary reconditioning method, you can save up to 50% by choosing a Battery Guyz reconditioned diesel battery over a new chain battery.

Premier Performance
Battery Guyz batteries are completely rebuilt and serviced with proprietary technology and materials. That’s why our batteries last just as long as new national chain batteries: 1-3 years.

Trade-In Benefits
When you trade in your old or dead battery, you’ll receive cash credit toward a reconditioned battery AND you won’t have to pay a core charge.

Warranty Included
Every Battery Guyz battery comes with a warranty that delivers total peace of mind. Choose between a 12-month warranty and a 90-day warranty.

Environmentally Safe
Battery Guyz is committed to protecting the environment. That’s why our 100% Green Recycling Method reduces landfills, lowers energy consumption, and minimizes pollution.

Delivery & Installation
We offer nationwide delivery, on-site battery installation, and we’ll even deliver & install your battery at your home or place of business!


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90 Day’s BATTERY

Full 90 Day’s free replacement

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